All About Knee Braces

The knee joint is not only the largest joint of your body but also the important joint that helps in supporting the complex weight of your body ...

All About Knee Braces

The knee joint is not only the largest joint of your body but also the important joint that helps in supporting the complex weight of your body... Read More

All About Knee Braces

The knee joint is not only the largest joint of your body but also the important joint that helps in supporting the complex weight of your body and also allows you to flexibly operate your limbs without any friction and rigidness. Because of its complex functioning quality, it is constantly exploited to excessive wear and tear causing severe inflammations and acute pains. While few of the knee problems showcase promptly, others ages along with you and intensifies at your old age making your retired life problematic.

As with any field of medical practices, there are advanced effective solutions available to solve the knee related problems according to your ailment type. While some problems are simple and easily solvable, others might be due to underlying critical medical conditions which when not attended may lead to devastating conditions.

The most common solutions for knee pain range from simple solutions like appropriate exercises, sensible ice pack applications, suitable knee braces and weight loss to advanced solution like knee replacement surgery. Your medical practitioner will help you in diagnosing your knee pain cause and severity nature and suggest suitable treatments based on that. It is always a good practice to consult your physician before observing any treatment methodologies to avoid unwanted complications and further pain aggravations.

Leaving aside the cause and nature of the knee pain issues, we are here to discuss the role played by knee braces in alleviating or curing most of the common knee pain problems.

What is a knee brace?

The knee brace is protective equipment worn above or around the knee area primarily focused on comforting, protecting and supporting your knee.

Why do you need it?

Knee braces are mainly used for the following three reasons

When do you need it?

While wearing a knee brace might be harmless, it is certainly advisable to consult your physician in choosing the right knee brace to find your suitable choice and reap the maximum benefits out of it. For more information you can go to

Knee braces categories

The four common categories of knee braces are

  1. Prophylactic Braces

These can also be called the protective knee braces as they offer protection especially against MCL injuries that happen while you are engaged in sports activities like basketball, football, etc. or athletic activities like running, jumping and their likes.

Hinges, straps and wrap around type knee braces fall under this category offering ultimate protection, stability, and support that are crucial while engaged in strenuous sport and athletic activities.

  1. Functional Braces

These are the knee braces that are suitable to offer support and comfort, especially while your knee is healing after an injury. Your medical practitioner might suggest the appropriate functional braces types by analyzing the severity of your injury and might advise you to wear them for the next 6 months or more depending on how fast your injured knee heals. These braces are useful in improving the stability of your knees and are often advised for those who are engaged in athletic or sports activities immediately after the recovery from an injury.

If you are looking out for the functional category braces then opt for the custom knee braces types that will best fit you and also offer you the required stability and support.

  1. Rehabilitative Braces

These are the after-care knee braces that help to limit any harmful movements or strain of the knee area, especially after an injury or surgery by protecting your upset ligaments and controlling your careless knee movements. Your knee recovery post-surgery depends upon how you carefully make your knee movements or in other words avoid your careless movements and these braces are best suited for such scenarios, speeding your recovery process. These are generally worn up to 8 weeks unless otherwise insisted by your primary care physician.

  1. Unloader/Off-loader braces

These braces are the best bet for patients suffering from arthritis and their likes to offer relief by unloading the stress on the damaged joint area by exerting the required pressure on the thigh bone, thereby forcing your knee to bend away from the area causing acute discomfort and pain.

Thus knee braces might be the ultimate problem solver for your knee pain issue, only if they are used after careful medical examination understanding your underlying knee issue. Even if you are planning to use for your sports activities, checking with your medical practitioner can do more good only bestow more goodness to you.