The 5 Best Walking Trails Of Wyoming

Why is walkingimportant?

Walking is good for anybody who wants to, stay fit, or reduce their weight, or tone their body, or avoid joint rigidness, or loves nature, or simply on the whole to lead a healthy and stress-free life! In this machine era, where you have got machines to do anything and everything for you, due to laziness, it is easy to find excuses to avoid those vital exercises that help you in keeping fit and healthy.

Although you couldn’t engage in any hardcore activities or exercises, you should at least try walking for 30 minutes every day to avoid typical health issues and mental anxieties and improve your overall physical, mental and social wellbeing. Walking is even prescribed by doctors for those who suffer from severe health issues like diabetes, joint aches, mental depression, and surprisingly, even to reduce the risk of breast cancers in women as reported by the HarvardHealth Publications.

One of the commonly occurring joint problems arthritis, which is more prevalent in old people, yet, cannot be neglected to not to occur in young people, can be interestingly prevented even from forming by walking six to seven miles a week as quoted by the Harvard Health Publications. Even several research studies have shown that walking could certainly help you in avoiding the rigidness occurring in knee-joints by strengthening the muscles around the knee area, which only shows walking is indispensable for your healthy knees!

Advantages of walking

Let’s consolidate the important advantages that could be realized by us when engaged in simple, brisk walking every day for at least 30 minutes.

  • Aids in weight loss
  • Improves your mental health by eliminating mental stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Improves your metabolism
  • Improves the flexibility and stability of your joints, as stated above
  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer in women, as stated above
  • Even helps you to avoid those unwanted sugar pangs, which is the serious cause for most of the prevailing obesity issues in the society.
  • Prevents or controls high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

These are some of the significant advantages of walking daily, just to motivate you to embrace it if you are one among those people who find excuses to avoid any form of physical activities due to whatsoever trivial reasons!

Nature walking

Walking need not be always boringly carried around in your community’s walk area or walk to shops or malls or walk to schools or offices etc. It can certainly be made much more interesting and healthy by choosing to walk in a natural area like designated walking trails, parks, mountains, beaches and their likes to enjoy pollution free air and the natural scenic beauty. Trail walking is much more interesting as you get to see more people walking around you, which could encourage you to happily engage in more walking.

The Wyoming’s 5 bestwalking trails

If you are one among those lucky ones residing in Wyoming, the following trail areas could be your next walking spot with all those natural beauties appealingly inviting your mind and eyes to enjoy a stress-free, peaceful walking.

1.Bear River State Park

This Bear River state park area is suitable for anyone who loves to enjoy some animal site seeing like the Bison and the Elks, along with some nice and easy walking through the woods. The entire trail area is 3 miles of which 1.2 miles are asphalt and the remaining 1.7 miles are covered with gravels or shingles, on the west side of the river. This trail is not only suitable for walking lovers, even for water-lovers, as you can drop in the river to enjoy some sporty kayaking.

So, if you are living close to the southern west portion of Wyoming or in and around Evanston, then this trail is your best bet for walking along with river-nature!

2.Allison Draw Greenway

This could certainly be your everyday walking area, especially if you are living in the Laramie County of the Wyoming near the Laramie County Community College, as the entire trail extends only a little over 2 miles. Also, walking could be little easier on this trail as almost the entire trail is covered with concrete surfaces. You can also go in and out of the parks along the trail and enjoy some shade over there, as you are not supposed to find many shady areas along the trail.

3.Dry Creek Greenway

This is again a trail in the Laramie County of the Wyoming, stretching 7 miles across the northern Cheyenne region, which connects the eastern and western residential areas. The trail surface is entirely concrete and is also suitable for other forms of trail like bike trail and skate trail. For those who have come a long way for this trail in your car, you can easily find parking slots along the trail at Cahill Park and Mylar Park to abandon your car for a while and embrace the powerful walking, which bestows too many health benefits.

Also along this trail, you can find lots of community parks and so suitable for engaging in family trail walking activity. This trail is located in one of the most accessible spot, offering connectivity to most of the nearby city area and hence, you can easily reach your destination from here, after you have done with your trail walking.

4.East Cheyenne Greenway

I suppose, Laramie County is suitable for anyone who is planning to move to Wyoming, especially those interested to pursue trail walking, as this is again a trail present in the Laramie County, along with the two trails that we have seen above. This can again be your everyday trail area for anybody living in the eastern Cheyenne region as the entire trail is only about 1.8 miles. Along with a beautiful walk along the pleasant residential areas, you can also enjoy the magnificent view of the Sun Valley Open Space, which is sure to boost up your spirit and mood.

This Albany County rail-trail glides through the Medicine Bow-Routt National forest and is 21 miles long, covered mostly by gravels. This trail gets its interesting name “Medicine Bow” from the historically important incident, when the local Native American lore from Cheyenne, Arapahoe and other First nations visited this place regularly to ward off diseases, and to make bows for hunting from the trees present there and thus the name “Medicine Bow”, coined by the early European settlers.

Along with walking, you can also engage in lots of other interesting activities like Fishing, Horseback riding, Cross country skiing and Mountain Biking and be sure to come prepared if you are an ardent lover of any of these mentioned activities!